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Day 88 & 89: Senegal & Niger

19 Sep

Jojo meatballs

Cooking up West African dishes is a slight challenge. Yassa Poulet or a version of it seems to be the popular dish in this area. But since Tristan and Inigo loved the Yassa Poulet in Dakar, they decided for Senegal, Yassa it is! And to double up on their African cooking challenge, for Niger, Inigo insisted on Jojo Meatballs. The named intrigued him, and meatballs are a no-brainer for kids!

Inigo working his magic

Focusing on the Yassa Poulet

Lemon, onions and mustard were key ingredients to the Yassa marinade. Wondering how long the Yassa Poulet marinade need to rest, Tristan began prepping Inigo for the The Niger dish of Jojo meatballs was simple enough, that´s why Inigo was saying it needed to be properly flavoured. Salt, paprika, onions and garlic were added in, then extra pepper for a kick!

Mixing in some love!

Rollin´on the Jojo Meatballs!

After a few hours, that´s the longest the boys could wait,  the Yassa Poulet was ready to cook and Tristan did not waste time in patiently cooking each morsel of chicken. The lemony scent of the Yassa made his mouth water.

Putting on the heat on the Yassa Poul

Lemon scented Yassa Poulet tantalize the mini chef


Inigo on the other hand was elbow deep in ground meat for the Jojo Meatballs prep.  Cooking brings out the character of each individual. Inigo was the patient one, endlessly rolling pasta dough, kneading to perfection, shaping mini balls for various dishes. Tristan on the other hand was adventurous with the flavouring and spices, plating was key.

      Jojo Meatballs are the bomb!

Yummy Yassa Poulet!


The combination of the two brothers is a recipe for success in the kitchen. Another delicious exotic meal without even leaving the kitchen! The adventure continues.


Day 69: Malta

26 Mar


Taking on the onion challenge


Trying to squeeze in homework, piano practice and soccer with some downtime at the end of the weekend is challenging enough. Throw in the Epicurious Kids´culinary challenge, this becomes a juggling act. Hence, the split tasking approach to cooking. For Malta, Epicurious Kids decided to make the most popular pasta dish, Imqarrun-il-forn. Very similar to a greek pasticcio without the Bechamel sauce.

Smoke gets in your eyes

Prepping the dish for the macaroni

The pasta used are long macaroni . Tristan kicked-off the cooking challenge by boiling the macaroni and dicing the onions. “Let me start this Inigo, while you finish your homework, then you can take over.” A few minutes later, Inigo was at the helm cooking the ground meat and prepping the dish for the Imqarrun-il-forn.

Mixing in the macaroni with the eggy mixture

Building the Imqarrun il forn

While the meat was cooking with the tomato paste, Inigo mixed two eggs with some flour in the baking pan. This was to mixed to a pasty consistency to help the macaroni pasta stick to each other when baked.  After 20 minutes , the meat mixture was scooped into the macaroni mixture and topped with grated Parmeggiano.  Epicurious Kids appreciated the similarity of Maltese Imqarunn il-forn to bolognese or Greek Moussaka. L-ikla t-tajba!

Imqarrun-il-forn L-ikla t-tajba!

Side Trips: Poppy seed Lemon Cake

26 Oct

Zingy Zesty Dezzert!

Sometimes nothing beats the smell of a freshly baked lemon cake in a cold fall day.  Epicurious Kids were looking forward to baking today.  A nice break from Kitchen Stadium constant stove action.

You sift, I zest...

Concentrating on the zesting

Bird´s eye view

Inigo was challenged by the new zester. Not easy finding the right balance between the exact grip VS the angle of the zester on the lemon skin… “Mommy, this is not easy, I might not be able to zest enough lemon peel for the recipe…” declared Inigo, concerned.

Grinding to a halt

Tristan was large and in-charge of the ground almonds.  He carefully put the peeled almonds in the food processor, covered his ears —he hates loud noises, and turned the knob to grind.  Pulverized almonds were ready to mix into the egg and butter mixture Epicurious Kids prepared.

Waiting for the right moment...

Easy does it...

It is all in the details… Inigo was worried about breaking the eggs into the bowl, “what if I get some shells in?” he asked Tristan. It wasn´t difficult to explain

Brotherly support...

how to make sure the egg is cracked in the middle and how to use his nails, finger tips to get the eggshell apart

Easy does it...

After a few careful moves, Inigo and Tristan mixed the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients, slowly folded the batter to avoid over mixing.

Popping in the poppy seed...

Fabulous folds

Once the poppy seed was mixed in, Tristan gingerly poured in the mixture onto the baking pan with Inigo´s help.  A few words of encouragement, the boys were ready to pop the tray into the oven.

It´s all in the wrist!

After the longest 40 minutes ever, the kitchen was filled with citrusy goodness — Lemon Poppy seed Cake was clearly done!  Nothing beats a freshly baked cake on a rainy fall day.

Lemon Poppy seed Cake, a citrusy delight!

Day 49 & 50 Macedonia and Latvia

30 Sep

The recipe hunt proved to be challenging for the Epicurious Kids.  Some repetition of stuffed cabbage and goulash seemed to be a region favourite. Inigo took the dessert station and began measuring and mixing the ingredients.  Tristan on the other hand was focused on the dicing and slicing for his Macedonian meatballs Selsko Meso.

Eggcited to bake!

Veggie station

Latvian Honey Cake had to be prepped in advance due to the labour intensive recipe with 5 layers.

Lending a hand..

You mix, I measure...

The honey was poured in with some difficulty.  It was thick and gooey and Inigo´s sticky fingers kept getting in the way.  He is a honey monster, and it was a full time task to keep his paws away from the bowl!

Mixin´in a spoonful of love

Raw batter lip smacking good!

Tristan was busy with the meatball mixture and the vegetables whilst Inigo focused on cutting the shoulder of pork against the grain… “This keeps the meat tender as it cooks”, Inigo explains to his big brother.


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

Creating some creamy goodness

Harmony prevailed in Kitchen Stadium with each brother focused on their task at hand. After some deft moves with the meatball mixture for the Selsko Meso, Epicurious Kids were frying mini Macedonian meatballs for the pork stew.

To each his own stations

The savoury smell wafted across the kitchen meeting the sweet smell of Latvian Honey Cake. The scrumptious meal was served and devoured in no time!


Selska Meso Yummm....